Marie Cilibrasi

East Meadow, NY

Geoffrey Katz at Green Home Logic completed an energy assessment of my home which was completely paid for by the NYSERDA program called EmPower New York. 

During the assessment Geoffrey tested the boiler and informed me of unsafe levels of carbon monoxide. Then Geoffrey had the Empower program pay for the cost of a heating professional come in to tune up the boiler to have it run safely again. 

Once the boiler safety checks passed Geoffery came back, caulked my windows and weather-stripped the doors. 

The assessment, the tune-up and the air sealing were all at no cost to me. I would personally recommend Green Home Logic as a reputable home performance contractor on the Island. 

Thomas Arnold

Rockaway Park, NY

My living room was absolutely frigid when I woke up on cold winter mornings. It wasn't unusual for the thermostat to read 59-60 when I woke up. 

I actually had to keep an electric space heater running full time to keep it warm enough. After I contacted Joe Prush at Green Home Logic, he came in, did an energy assessment and made several specific recommendations.

I had the work done over the summer and now I don't have to use the heater at all, even though the temperature outside is in the 40s. Excellent workmanship, thorough and professional. I've recommended them to 3 friends and neighbors already.

Mrs. Wein

Lawrence, NY

I had a home energy audit done by Geoffrey Katz at Green Home Logic. This assessment was fully paid for by the ‘EmPower New York’ residential energy efficiency program.

During the assessment, Geoffrey tested my boiler for efficiency, health, and safety. He informed me the boiler needed immediately service.

I brought in my local heating professional who notice a broken part and replaced it. He mentioned if that part had not been replaced in a timely manner it would have damaged the boiler beyond repair.

I would personally recommend the energy audit from Green Home Logic. Thank you.

Ann Marie Dinapoli

Bronx, NY 

Geoffrey has come to my house twice. The first time he changed all my lights to LEDs and installed a smoke and carbon monoxide alarm.

He came back today to air seal all the holes in my home with spray foam insulation. He also replaced the weatherstripping on two of my exterior doors.

All of this was at no cost to me thanks to the Empower NY program. I would personally recommend Geoffrey and this Empower NY program to anyone who might qualify. Thank you!


Ann Marie Dinapoli

Andrew Ricci

Merrick, NY

Green Home Logic has transformed our home. Geoff came for an evaluation, spotted all the issues areas and walked us through obtaining a loan from the NYS EFS to finance an oil to gas conversion, get all new windows and re-insulate our home. He was always available by phone to answer questions -- even late at night and on weekends.

Their team was extremely efficient, neat and professional. Now our home is finally warm and no longer drafty! Our heating bills went from over $500 a month with oil to only $163 last month from December to January with our new condensing gas furnace! We couldn't be happier with our newly energy efficient home -- Thank you Green Home Logic!