Prepare your Home for Winter

I'd like to discuss the relevance and importance of getting a home energy audit done before winter. This evaluation will get trained technician in the home to determine exactly whats going on with how the house performs.  October and November are a great opportunity because your energy saving improvements most likely will have the best payback period in the colder months. It will also make the home warmer before it gets cold! You should see an immediate benefit to having your home upgraded with insulation and sealed where the technicians are trained to seal. 

These are also good months because your auditor will most likely have a ton of tips and tricks based on what they see in the home. Remember the evaluation is not just for measuring your insulation, its to check airflow, room by room. Narrowing down what rooms are the problem rooms and narrowing down why they are the problem room. The evaluation will often conclude why certain upgrades are a good idea and which ones might have potential harm to the durability of the home. 

Write or call us today, at Green Home Logic we can conduct a no-cost evaluation which will be subsidized by you local power authority.