Dangerous boiler conditions?

The energy audit today in Brooklyn, NY identifies health and safety issues in your home. It's usually at no cost to the homeowner. We test for gas leaks and boiler safety As seen in this picture here. The issue might be the chimney. 

Time and time again. Birds find flue stacks and chimneys a desirable place to stay warm. What they don't know is that the flue stack is your boiler way to exhaust flue gasses from the combustion process. The by-products from the combustion process will most likely kill birds and can often block flue stack completely. This will end of filling up the home with exhaust, which as we know is harmful. In this case, the bird is blocking the burner inlet tubes which will throw off the fuel to air ratio (potentially) and can often lead to an unacceptable amount of incomplete combustion. Which can be harmful to the occupants.

Luckily the homeowner here had a chance to bring out a professional to help identify these problems. This professional energy auditor came at absolutely on the cost to the homeowner and he installed a smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarm free of charge. 

A case study in low-income housing in Brooklyn and Queens in New York City. It revealed hospital emergency room visits fell 70% in a survey of households that had an energy assessment done. 

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