Attic Insulation helps keep rooms cool in the summer

Insulating your attic is the best thing for your home, your air conditioner, and most importantly your family's health and comfort. 

Attic insulation installed our way, the home performance way. Has been proven to increase comfort levels and decrease operating cost. When I say 'Home Performance' I mean by bringing in a professional that's certified with the Building Performance Institute. These certifications make the difference when choosing a contractor to professionally tighten up your home. 

Why? They take the steps to look at the house at a 'whole house' approach. Meaning many other factors must be checked off our list (or tested) in order to narrow down what the problem actually is. They are checking the insulation levels, they are checking the air tightness, they are checking the boiler and oven for safety. An on, and on. 

These steps taken ensure you're getting what you are paying for. A quality job that can actually save up to 30% off the heating and cooling cost for the home. 

We take those steps, our record proves it. check out our reviews on our website. and give us a call for the free energy audit. All central AC owners in Long Island territory will qualify for a 15% rebate from PSEG. 

We carry all types of spray foam insulation and cellulose insulation. 


Seeking limited income people finders!

Must be less than:

Must be less than:

We are reaching out to our local Brooklyn and Queens neighborhoods in search for "Energy Champions". This position we earn you $50.00 per application you bring in! All you have to do is sign up low-income households for FREE energy services. I've seen one Energy Champion bring in 40 applications in 1 month!

These services are mandated by New York State Energy Research and Development Authority. I am going to make it really easy to schedule the appointment. Each household gets up 16 LED light bulbs, Smoke/CO alarms, and possible refrigerator replacement. All at NO COST to the household! Empower New York pays us directly after the work is completed. 

If you know of a few people please reach out to me and I will get you started with some applications. Thanks so much to my future Energy Champions. 

Best Regards,

Geoffrey Katz

Vice President 

Green Home Logic