Getting your home ready for summer.

We look at your home as a system. There are many factors that come into play in order to keep your living space safe and energy efficient. These factors are addressed when a home performance contractor does a certified home energy audit on your home.

Indoor air quality.

Natural light. 

Insulation values.

Building tightness. 

All these come into play when making sure you have an efficient home with safe and quality air to breath. 

Summertime is important because this is when New Yorkers can leave the windows open after a long cold winter. It is important to :

1. Inspect AC units for damage and filter changes.

2. Have a certified professional clean your central air air handler and charge the refrigerant.

3. Ensure all the windows are shut and locked before turning on any air conditioning unit.

4. Mold can grow in the bathroom without proper ventilation. Keep that in mind.

5. Consider setting up box fans on two sides of your home, one blowing in, the other blowing out. This will be cheaper to run than your air conditioning system. 

6. Make sure the refrigerant lines are not damaged and well insulated.

7. Ensure duct sealing has been done in the attic space. Inspect the ducts for unhooked or damages.  This can reduce duct leakage in your attic space.

8. Spray foam the duct to ceiling connections from the attic point of view. This can reduce duct leakage in your attic space. 

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