Keep the heating cost down in your home

Heating your home in New York is not plug and play, our home our old and there is a lot a homeowner can do to make things home comfortable and energy efficient. 

Have you been thinking about your heating costs this winter?

The first thing to do is have your no-cost energy audit done by a trained technician at Green Home Logic. All technicians are certified by the Building Performance Insititute. All energy audits are fully funded by PSEG Long Island or NYSERDA for New York City. Meaning it won't cost you anything. 

This audit grades your home for a variety of efficiencies. 

  1. Heating efficiency - Testing the boiler for combustion safety and combustion efficiency. Further airflow testing can be done on forced air heating systems. 
  2. Building envelope - How well is it insulated? Walls, attics, basements, crawlspaces, everything will get a grade, as well as possible upgrade solutions. 
  3. Building airtightness - How airtight is this home?  We will depressurize the home using a small fan and up a number on how leaky the home is. If any improvements are made we run the same fan again to record the reduction in air leakage. 

These three things come first! Windows and doors come last. Our basic building science principles, as well as our experience with these upgrades, have taught us time and time again if you want to reduce usage then stick with the science. 

After these upgrades are made our staff can address all the other little things that help reduce energy usage and increase comfort levels; windows, doors, thermostats. 

Scheduling your no-cost assessment is easy, just go to and send us a message.