When was your boiler designed?

Do you have a boiler from the 1990 or prior? Then you may want to read this.

Our case studies have shown a very strong return on investment on energy cost and energy savings It all starts with this elephant in the room, your giant oversized old boiler! The problems here are:

  1. Over 20 gallons of water in there! New practice is around 2.5 gallons!
  2. The heat ex-changer is COVERED in carbon build up! This kills heat transfer and sends the fuel up the flue instead of into your radiators.
  3. This design was when oil was $0.20 cents per gallon, 1970s scientist developed these designs. This was not taking efficiency into much consideration. Now that times have changed we must create a scope of work to replace these units BEFORE the end of their life. 

The energy audit is designed to calculate a specific payback period and qualify you for rebates which at times can cut the cost if half!

Oil to gas conversions are very popular in Queens, Brooklyn, and Long Island. Please consult National Grid about availability before the energy audit.


Check these photos out! Two old 1975 boilers audited in one month! April 2015! Ah what a world!