Keep the heating cost down in your home

Keep the heating cost down in your home

Have you been thinking about your heating costs this winter?

The first thing to do is have your no-cost energy audit done by a trained technician at Green Home Logic. All technicians are certified by the Building Performance Insititute. All energy audits are fully funded by PSEG Long Island or NYSERDA for New York City. Meaning it won't cost you anything. 

Keep your Home Warm this Winter

Winters can be brutal in New York. Taking some simple and easy steps can drastically improve your situation at home. Here are some good pointers:

1. Clear off radiator and vents - Get the dirt off of them, prop the curtains away from them. Consider not putting your couch right in front of the radiator or baseboard

2.  Clean and tune the boiler/furnace - Filter swap outs and a heating professional actually cleaning the system can drastically improve conditions.

3. Thermostat control - Keep the temperature consistent. Only drop it down 5 degrees when no one is home. Have it go back up to normal 30min before someone arrives home or wakes up.

3. Caulking - Outside facing window trim, door trim, and floor trim all could be caulked. This needs to be done about every 5 years because it cracks over time. We would recommend clear silicone for any molding that isn't white on white. We would recommend white acrylic if your caulking something that is white on white.

4. Walk through the home and make sure all the windows are tightly shut and locked. Take out window ACs. If it doesn't shut or seal well give us a call for replacement windows.

5. Insulation - This would require a home energy audit from Green Home Logic. Our technician will evaluate the existing condition of your insulation. The attic insulation and the exterior wall insulation all can be scanned using an infrared camera in the winter to determine its effectiveness. These areas are the number one solution for increasing the comfort of the home.

If you had any questions please let us know!

Thanks stay warm New York!


Indoor Air Quality

Lets face it, using air conditioners has become more affordable and more popular with homes and apartments in the New York area. 30 years ago it was more of a luxury. Now we can pick up an efficient window unit for $100-$200. 

Whats the problem? We are keeping our windows shut now the majority of months out of the year. Whats wrong with this? Perhaps a lot if your indoor air is something you shouldn't be trapped in for so long.

So, how do you know if your air is quality air? There are many factors at play. The number of people, pets, carpets, cleaning agents, fuels, combustion appliances, bathroom exhausts, air tightness to the outside, to your attic, to your crawlspace. All these can feel overwhelming.

Luckily, a BPI certified technician is trained to review these things with you. The process is called a home energy audit. This series of tests been done on hundreds of thousands of homes across the New York and the rest of the country.

Often air sealing and adding insulation to the home is an effective way to increase the indoor air quality inside the home. Most of the time this means we air seal the attic and any accessible parts of the basement or crawlspace. Sealing these holes means the nasty air is not going to travel into the living space so much. Increasing indoor air quality. 

Attic insulation and crawl space insulation will also reduce heating and cooling loss which slows down the nasty crawlspace air from entering into the living space. We carry many types of attic insulation and insulation for your crawlspace. These include spray foam both open cell spray foam insulation and closed cell spray foam insulation. We also carry a cellulose insulation and fiberglass insulation.